ECOPET ™ is utilizing the excellence of Austrian-German technology that has been known for its most advanced recycling production process on PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), in order to produce recycled plastic resins with the comparable quality of virgin materials.

Benefits of our ECOPET ™
RPET product

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Food Grade Material.

suitable for food & drink molded packaging use

A-Z Certified Processes.

independently certified raw material and processes

Unrivaled RPET Quality.

high grade quality for specialist applications

Bottle to bottle.

suitable for bottle to bottle applications

Quality Machinery.

utilized process using latest technology


100% recycled, for better environment


Crystal, Crystal Natural, Crystal White, Crystal Blue Marine, Custom

Package Size

25 Kg & 1000 Kg

Intrinsic Viscosity (IV)

0.76 + 0.02 dl/g

Accredited & Approved by

Application and use

Carbonated soft drinks, water / juices / beer / wine / and spirits bottles, household products, food packaging, RPET sheet and thermoformed containers, pharmaceutical and medical applications (European and US Pharmacopolea approved)

100% Recycled.